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Keeping your practice infused with new talent is a crucial aspect of meeting your strategic goals and making your vision a reality. Unfortunately, successfully recruiting talent in the competitive healthcare space requires immense time and resources. The more time and energy you spend on recruiting, the less you can devote to other areas of your practice, including your patients.

Consider partnering with us your recruitment efforts to HMR. Our first step is getting to know you and your practice inside and out, becoming a trusted and integral part of your team. That allows us to identify ideal candidates that will fit your practice, both in terms of medical specialty and your overall culture. We will handle all recruiting efforts, including interviews and background checks, so you can continue focusing on what matters most to you. HMR (human resource management) in USA, MN is a trusted provider for your physician and recruitment in HRM, including mental health providers and facility administrators.

The benefits of working with HMR is that you have a team of people with a lot of expertise behind them.

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Hands-Off Healthcare Human Resources

You Can Rely On Us For All Your Recruitment Needs, Including:

  • Provider Recruiting
  • Physician recruiting
  • Mental health provider recruiting (providers…the face of your practice and cost effective balance between high level and mid level practitioners)
  • Staff Recruiting
  • Clinical staff recruiting
  • Administrative staff recruiting

Standard HR solutions don’t fully address the unique needs of healthcare practices. HMR offers a specialized approach that includes:

Tailored Staffing and Management Plans: Custom strategies that align with your practice’s objectives and enhance operational efficiency.

Recruitment and Retention Excellence: Specialized programs to attract and keep top talent, reducing turnover and fostering a positive workplace.

Onboarding and Training: From compliance to professional development, ensure your team is prepared and proficient.

Sensitive HR Inquiry Support: Professional guidance for those tough HR questions, safeguarding your practice and personnel.

Performance and Compensation Management: Optimize staff performance and satisfaction with competitive compensation and benefits plans.

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Our Healthcare Human Resources Services

Our healthcare human resources are perfect for:

  • Medical Practices seeking to optimize their human resources to improve overall efficiency and patient care.
  • Physicians looking for strategic HR management to enhance staff performance and satisfaction.
  • Healthcare Administrators aiming to streamline HR processes like staffing, onboarding, and training.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does strategic HR management impact patient care?

By ensuring your team is fully supported and effectively managed, from recruitment to retention and training, we elevate the overall patient experience.

What makes HMR’s HR services unique for medical practices?

Our deep understanding of the healthcare industry’s specific challenges allows us to tailor HR solutions that meet the precise needs of medical practices.

How can our practice benefit from HMR’s HR services?

From improving staff satisfaction and retention to streamlining HR processes and compliance, our comprehensive services are designed to enhance your practice’s performance and patient care.

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Helping Independent Physicians Stay Independent

HMR stands at the forefront of Human Resources solutions tailored for healthcare practices. Our mission is to protect and develop your practice’s most valuable asset—your people. By partnering with HMR, you gain access to a suite of HR services designed to maximize employee performance and achieve your strategic goals, giving you the freedom to focus on what matters most.

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