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Today’s hiring/recruiting environment has caused many challenges for Clinic Owners and Independent Physicians:

1. High performing workers are hard (and expensive) to find

2. Employee turnover is high – how to improve job satisfaction

3. There are so many online platforms, what platform is best for posting job openings and reviewing candidates

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Business Development

Topics on how to streamline your processes and procedures to make the day to day easier.

Internal Operations

Topics on how to solve problems with your team and improve the efficiency of your care process.

External Operations

How to navigate the growth of your team and patient lists all based on your goals.

Your Host:

Nate Moretter-Bue

Nate is a Consultant and Clinic Manager at Healthcare Management Resources. During his three years at HMR he has helped several clinics streamline their operations, improve company culture and enhance overall efficiency.

Nate Moretter-Bue, Management Consultant at Healthcare Management Resources
Healthcare Management Resources