LIVE WEBINAR // JUNE 24th @ 11am CST

Today’s hiring/recruiting environment has caused many challenges for Clinic Owners and Independent Physicians:

1. High performing workers are hard (and expensive) to find

2. Employee turnover is high – how to improve job satisfaction

3. There are so many online platforms, what platform is best for posting job openings and reviewing candidates

In this webinar, HMR Clinic Administrator, Nate Moretter-Bue will talk about:

1. Today’s recruiting and hiring trends and things you should be aware of in the future.

2. Why it’s important to market yourself to new talent and how to retain current staff.

3. How to create a scroll stopping job posting and how to navigate through all of the candidates.

4. How to perform an effective interview.

5. How to get a new hire started on the right foot through effective on-boarding.

Nate Moretter-Bue, Management Consultant at Healthcare Management Resources

Nate Moretter-Bue

Nate is a Consultant and Clinic Manager at Healthcare Management Resources. During his three years at HMR he has helped several clinics streamline their operations, improve company culture and enhance overall efficiency.