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Today’s hiring/recruiting environment has caused many challenges for Clinic Owners and Independent Physicians:

1. High performing workers are hard (and expensive) to find

2. Employee turnover is high – how to improve job satisfaction

3. There are so many online platforms, what platform is best for posting job openings and reviewing candidates

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Business Developement

Why Customers Service Matters In Your Clinic

It is easy to view patients through a different lens since you see them at their worst, but if you were to change your focus and approach them as a customer, your patients, employees, and clinic will all begin to thrive.

Internal Operations

Graphic illustration representing a football-type playbook

Why Are Accounting Periods Important?

The main intention is to ensure that all the raw financial data that the company has generated in one period is converted into comprehensive reports for the company’s records. It’s a great tool to understand the business’s financial health.

External Operations

Why Brand Storytelling Is The New Way Of Marketing

The focus is on building engagement with your target audience and trust and loyalty. It’s scientifically proven that stories tend to gather more attention on social media, partly due to their relatability and curiosity. It helps in humanizing your brand—leading to better engagement over time.


Mayo Clinic Podcast Network

Did you know the Mayo Clinic has a podcast network? They cover everything from tips to current events in the world of healthcare.

Minnesota's New Pass-Through Entity Tax Credit

an important article for S-Corp business owners.

3 Business Tips For Independent Physicians

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Questions about food, fitness, hydration and more!


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