Staff Recruiting

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Matching Skilled Medical Staff To Your Practice’s Culture

Whether due to natural turnover or the growth of your practice it will become necessary to recruit new staff members in order to maintain the efficiency of your operation and continue providing your patients with top-notch care and service.

Outsourcing your staff recruitment efforts to HMR can benefit you in numerous ways. Our first step is getting to know you and your practice in order to become a trusted and integral part of your team. We are well positioned to succeed in recruiting the right people to your practice because we are a part of your practice and culture.

You can rely on us to handle all of your recruiting – including job listings, phone screens, interviews and background checks – for staff such as:

  • Medical assistants
  • Nurses
  • Receptionists and front desk staff
  • Healthcare providers
Whether you prefer to be hands-off or wish to be a part of the final interviews, we can tailor recruitment and hiring process that achieves your goals. Contact us today to get started.

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