Cameron Peshon

St. Paul Site Manager

Meet Cameron

What guided you to your current role?

“Working in various roles in healthcare and particularly enjoying working in mental health.”

What are your personal and professional values?

“Authenticity, kindness, and a sense of humor about things.”

How has this industry impacted other areas of your life?

“It has showed me a more in-depth look at how healthcare functions, specifically insurance and psychotherapy.”

How would your clients describe you?

“Diligent, compassionate, and honest.”

What excites you most about being part of the HMR team?

“Working with a wonderful group of people striving for the same goal of providing quality care to as many people as possible.”

When your career is over, what do you hope the next step will be in your life?

“Just enjoying the people in my life and putting more time into my passions.”

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