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Meet Travis

Since 2011, Travis has been working alongside the partners at HMR and during that time has been broadening his horizon and more importantly his knowledge base as it relates to the ever changing health care world. Travis’ knowledge in healthcare is diverse, but has a special interest in working with finances, practice startups, EMR/Billing components, and practice management.

Things nearly turned out very differently for Travis.

“Law school was in my path, but fate intervened through a couple of work-related connections my wife had; I ended up leaving the law path and headed down the healthcare path. I knew this was the path for me when I had a patient thank me for my time and helping with their issues, as nobody had taken the time to assist. Then and there, I knew I could make a difference on a large scale with my current company.

His personal values are a great fit for his professional role.

“My personal values are that of honestly and putting in a hard day’s work. They are foundations for my professional values. Point blank.”
He believes his small town upbringing provides him with valuable perspective.

“I am a small town farm boy with small town values; I prefer a handshake and a smile versus email or phone.”

He’s grateful for the doors his career has opened for him.
“It has given me a career path that I had never envisioned. It has opened up many doors and opportunities to meet and help all sorts of people and businesses.”

Despite his wealth of experience he maintains a humility that allows him to work together with colleagues to provide the best outcomes for his clients.

“I do not nor will I ever have all the answers to questions. That is why we surround ourselves with a talented pool of individuals to assist. It’s our brain trust.” The team at HMR is united by “our ability to put our heads together and work as one cohesive unit and provide solid answers to any problems presented to us.”

He hopes his clients would describe him as “always busy and full of energy” and “extremely excited to help.”

When his career is over he hopes to trade in his office attire for an opportunity to “run a snorkel boat in Hawaii” for his final stop.

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