Tim Quesnell, MHA


Meet Tim

Since 1989, Tim has been gaining valuable experience in the healthcare field and joined the HMR team in 1999. Prior to joining HMR, he spent time doing start up and management services for a Mental Health clinic as well as provider services organizations.

Tim’s light-hearted personality mixed with his strong work ethic and passion for helping others helps him build rapport and effective relationships with his clients. He is very knowledgeable within the field and has a special interest working with providers and staff to solve problems and improve quality, efficiency, and the patient experience.

Tim got into the medical field upon finishing college, working with his Dad in starting an outpatient mental health clinic as a six month position to fill the gap between college and starting military training.

“Upon completion of the training, my Dad was struggling to maintain his own caseload while also running the clinic. I agreed to come back for one year and fell in love with healthcare. I started my own management services organization, earned a Master’s in Healthcare Administration, and ultimately merged my company with HMR.”

His professional and personal values are summed up by the following statements:

“In order to be extraordinary, we don’t need to do extraordinary things. We do ordinary things extraordinarily well.”

“Anything worth having requires hard work and perseverance.”

“Long lasting relationships are built upon integrity and honesty.”

“Under promise and over deliver.”

“Our promises are a whisper but our results are a roar.”

Tim enjoys working with people who share these values; luckily for him such colleagues are not in short supply at HMR.

The aspect of his job he has grown to love the most is “working with a creative and innovative team of real people who want to work with a purpose of excellence in results.” Ultimately “the people, challenges and change” are what excite him the most about being part of the HMR team.

Driven to achieve his own standards of integrity, honesty, and accountability, Tim hopes his clients would describe him as honest, reliable, and hard-working.

Tim keeps an eye on the future as he continues to work to solve the pressing issues facing his clients. He believes the next big development in healthcare administration will be “leveraging technology to improve efficiency and performance.”

Speaking of the future, Tim looks forward to building or remodeling homes for the needy once his career in healthcare administration is over.

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