DeAnna Larson

Office Manager

Meet Deanna

What guided you to your current role?

“My path to my current role was shaped by 16 years in the business world, refining skills in project, asset, and people management. The transition to healthcare, supported by exceptional colleagues, has been instrumental. In the last 9 years, my focus on healthcare management, clinical operations, and work as an EMT has provided crucial insights into optimizing patient care and ensuring seamless operations within healthcare facilities. This experience underscores the critical importance of timely and efficient care.”


What are your personal and professional values?

I maintain high personal standards and expectations.  These values – passion, achievement, determination, respect, and independence – drive my actions in both personal and professional aspects.  In my professional life, I uphold values of integrity, accountability, compassion and positivity.  This integrated structure guides my decisions and interactions, ensuring a consistent and purposeful approach in all aspects of my life.

How has this industry impacted other areas of your life?

“The industry I’ve been a part of has deeply influenced various aspects of my life. It’s enabled me to integrate the structured knowledge from family businesses and corporate roles with the adaptable and critical skills I’ve acquired in healthcare. This blend of rigidity and flexibility is a potent asset in helping clients build and sustain resilient businesses. Additionally, my experiences in caring for both patients and elderly parents have provided me with a distinct perspective, shaping how I approach challenges and opportunities.”

What excites you most about being part of the HMR team?

:The opportunity to contribute my skills and knowledge to a dynamic team like HMR is invigorating. The potential to collaborate, innovate, and make a positive impact on our projects is what I find most exciting. Being part of a team allows for a collective effort towards achieving common goals, and that sense of shared purpose is truly motivating.”

When your career is over, what do you hope the next step will be in your life?

“While I don’t foresee a traditional retirement, the idea of owning a small medspa as a fulfilling pastime is appealing. Additionally, the thought of living on a boat along the coast of Spain or Italy adds an intriguing dimension to potential future adventures.”


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