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You became a doctor because you are passionate about patient care, not to deal with managing issues such as bookkeeping, staffing, and payroll. Struggling through these problems shifts your time and energy away from your patients, making it unnecessarily hard to deliver the care to the best of your abilities.

With the help of the healthcare operations management professionals at HMR, you can have the peace of mind that your practice is being managed efficiently so you can continue to focus on what matters most: your patients, your family, your friends, and your personal pursuits.

The benefits of working with HMR is that you have a team of people with a lot of expertise behind them.

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Hands-Off Healthcare Operations Management

We can provide hands-on management and oversight of daily administrative, business and human resource issues.

Our services include:

Human Resources Management: tasks related to managing human resources, including staff recruiting, staff scheduling, staff performance evaluations, physician/provider recruiting, and physician/provider compensation.

Financial Management: managing payroll, accounts payable, and general ledger, overseeing business office and accounts receivable performance, acting as a liaison to corporate accountants, and conducting annual fee and reimbursement analyses.

Regulatory Compliance and Resource Management: regulatory compliance and resource management, including serving as a resource for state and federal regulations and negotiating insurance contracts.

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Our Healthcare Operations Management

Whether launching a new practice or established for years, HMR seamlessly integrates into your team, ensuring smooth operations. From navigating regulatory compliance to optimizing workflow issues like inventory management and IT support, we handle all complexities. Our expertise in healthcare operations management extends to crafting employment policies and facilitating efficient staff recruiting, freeing you to focus on patient care. With us, you gain a dedicated partner committed to your practice’s success. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can your office operations management services benefit my healthcare practice?

Our services are designed to optimize administrative workflows, improve financial management, and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations, ultimately allowing you to focus on providing quality patient care.

Do you offer customized solutions based on the size and specialty of our practice?

Yes, we understand that each healthcare practice is unique. We offer tailored solutions to fit the specific needs and goals of your practice, whether you’re a small clinic or a multi-specialty group.

How quickly can we expect to see improvements in our practice’s operations after partnering with HMR?

Our goal is to deliver tangible improvements in your practice’s operations as efficiently as possible. The timeline for seeing results may vary depending on factors such as the specific challenges your practice faces and the scope of our engagement.

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Helping Independent Physicians Stay Independent

At HMR, we have over 25 years of experience in healthcare operations management and consulting. You can rely on us for an intelligent, thorough, and critical assessment of your practice’s needs as well as the implementation of systems and procedures that will provide you with the resources to achieve your goals. We provide hands-on management and oversight of daily administrative, business, and human resource issues, among other services.

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