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Optimize Your Financial Health

Managing the financial health of a healthcare practice is crucial yet challenging. While ensuring financial health and necessary cash flow through healthcare accounting demands significant time and energy, your true calling lies in practicing medicine and providing patient care, not in bookkeeping.

Understanding that your passion for healthcare shouldn’t be overshadowed by financial management burdens, HMR offers specialized healthcare bookkeeping, accounting, and financial management services designed to liberate you from these constraints. By entrusting us with your financial processes, you can focus on what you do best — caring for your patients.

The benefits of working with HMR is that you have a team of people with a lot of expertise behind them.

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Hands-Off Healthcare Accounting Services

Income Management: Including third-party payer contract negotiation, fee schedule development, billing company oversight, and effective revenue cycle management.

Expense Management: Covering cash flow management, bookkeeping, financial reporting, accounts payable, and payroll.

We can provide hands-on healthcare accounting management and oversight.

Our services include:

Dedicated Healthcare Accounting Expertise: Our team specializes in the unique financial needs of the healthcare industry, ensuring your practice thrives.

Strategic Financial Oversight: From negotiating better payer contracts to optimizing your fee schedules, we enhance your revenue streams and manage expenses.

Comprehensive Financial Health Management: With a full suite of services, we take care of everything from income to expense management, letting you focus on patient care.

Personalized Support: Your practice is unique, and so are your financial management needs. We offer tailored solutions to meet those specific requirements.

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Our Healthcare Accounting Services

Our accounting services are a perfect match for healthcare professionals who are passionate about their practice but find financial management overwhelming. Whether you’re a small private clinic, a dental practice, a specialty clinic, or a growing medical startup, our services are designed to address your unique challenges and support your growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets HMR’s healthcare accounting services apart?

Our deep understanding of the healthcare industry’s financial intricacies and dedicated focus on healthcare practices sets us apart. We’re not just bookkeepers; we’re healthcare financial management experts.

How can HMR improve my practice’s financial health?

By optimizing your income and expense management processes, negotiating better contracts, and providing comprehensive financial oversight, we help improve your practice’s profitability and financial stability.

Is HMR suitable for small or specialized healthcare practices?

Absolutely. Our services are designed to be scalable and customizable, ensuring that practices of all sizes and specializations can benefit from our expertise.

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Helping Independent Physicians Stay Independent

At HMR, we bring years of experience in healthcare management with a focus on bookkeeping, accounting, and financial management services. Our goal is to ensure the financial health of your practice, allowing you to focus on delivering outstanding medical care. Our team of healthcare management professionals is ready to take the financial management load off your shoulders, helping your practice achieve its full potential.

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