Government Compliance

Government Compliance

Equal Parts Crucial and Burdensome

Healthcare may be the most tightly regulated field of all. Failure to remain in compliance is not an option for any practice that wishes to keep its doors open. Despite its necessity, government compliance can put a tremendous strain on staff and other resources that are better off being devoted to patients.

Ideally you would be able to outsource your government compliance to a trusted partner, but whom? In the Twin Cities metro area you can turn to the proven professionals of HMR to keep your practice on the right side of “Uncle Sam”.

We will partner closely with you, becoming an integral member of your team responsible for handling government compliance issues such as patient and employee safety (OSHA standards), privacy (HIPAA), and HiTech (IT).

We look forward to getting to know your practice and exploring how we can help relieve you of your government compliance burden. Contact us today to get started.

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