Business Setup


Helping You Setup Your Business On Your Terms

The unfortunate truth is that medical issues are almost never the reason a practice fails to live up to expectations and achieve its business objectives. The reasons are usually financial and legal in nature. At HMR we can help you safeguard against such issues by making sure your business is setup properly from the start based on your goals and the vision you have for your practice. Our experienced team can answer your questions and provide you with peace of mind about the future.

Turn To Our Proven Team To Handle Issues Such As:

  • Incorporating your Business
  • Setting up your Non-Profit
  • Establishing your tax ID
  • Health Plan Contracting
  • Provider credentialing
Ensuring your business is setup in a way that is legally and financially advantageous for you is the first step in building a practice that allows you to work on your terms. We hope to be a partner with you on every step of that journey. Contact us today to start planning for tomorrow.

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