Janice Long

Janice is an associate with HMR.  She works independently with the office and all of the managing partners to provide credential and contracting assistance to all of our partners we work with.  She does a variety of projects for clients and coworkers ranging from recalls to developing patient and clinic forms, reviewing and updating employee handbooks, researching current healthcare issues.

Before joining HMR in 2017, Janice worked for 30+ years in the medical field.

She has experience in a large variety of rolls in a clinic such as the front desk, medical records, payroll and benefits, HR, billing and insurance, credentialing, AR and AP.  She has managed a clinic for 20+ years and has helped the physician pick and then implement 3 different practice management systems as the practice needs and medical field changed, as well as an EMR system.

Janice is a big believer in doing a thorough job for our clients to help their businesses thrive and prosper.  Her wide array skill set and experience allows her assist our clients in any number of areas.